People Institute of Management Studies

PIMS practices the dictum of ‚Äėstudent empowerment‚Äô, encouraging the formation of various committees and clubs under faulty mentoring for the extra-curricular portfolio. A dozen-odd clubs provide an eclectic and wide-ranging list of platforms for students to amalgamate their artistic inclinations and talents with their classroom learning. Notably, the clubs allow opportunities to develop team-skills and leadership outside the traditional classroom setting. Some of the clubs are listed below:

PiMS Clubs

  1. Marketing Club
  2. Finance Club
  3. HR Club
  4. Entrepreneurship Club
  5. Women Leaders Club
  6. Debating Club
  7. Environmental Club
  8. Media & Advertising Club

Social Clubs

  1. Theatricals
  2. Sports 
  3. Quizzing
  4. Photography 
  5. Music & dance
  6. Arts, Drawing and Calligraphy Club

PiMS offers prizes to the best clubs each year based on their output and performance. These are evaluated based on participation numbers, competitive performance in inter-college events, resource utilization and efficiency and, blending of theory with practice. The best club in the academic and artistic portfolio are awarded. PiMS actively encourages students to participate and compete in college festivals throughout Kerala state, with focused support from faculty and the administration.

PiMS Club Activities


  1. People Institute of Management Studies
  2. Peoples Co-Operative Arts & Science College
  3. Vivekananda Co-Operative College
  4. Deekshana Academy
  5. Badiadka Co-operative Arts and Science College

Registered Address

The Kasaragod Cooperative
Educational Society Ltd (KCES Ltd)

Reg No C-904EMS AksharagramamMunnad ( post), Chengala (via) Kasaragod 
Kerala ‚Äď 671541 .