People Institute of Management Studies


PiMS provides a stimulating environment, perfect blending work and play. The institution hosts specific play areas and recreational halls within the MBA campus for exercising and fun- for both body and mind.

Gymnasium: PiMS has an exclusive indoor gym with separate facilities for both boys and girls. The gym boasts a number of high-quality branded equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, bench-presses, seated-curl machine, abdominal roller, treadmills, step-mill and a stationary cycle for isolation exercises, providing resistance training for specific muscle groups and joints. The gym area is also well ventilated and lit to provide an environment for concentrated and balanced workouts of both cardiovascular and core-muscle training groups.

Yoga & Meditation: Yoga and Meditation activities form a core part of the routine training schedule at PiMS. Stress-relief and anxiety control methods of Yoga are used to help students especially during university exams, internal evaluation and placement seasons. The meditation sessions also allow for unwinding and relaxation. A trained and certified instructor graces the institution regularly to help students achieve inner focus. These are supported by institution counselling to help prioritize life goals and dreams.  Yoga helps in preventing burnout and also reduction of white noise, leading to self-improvement and better self-awareness. These activities are carried out at no extra cost to the students, and is included as part of the overall fees. The benefits of this program are in improving physical flexibility, coordination and balance, focus and concentration in academics, endurance, patience, goal-orientation, ultimately leading towards enhanced self-esteem and confidence. For students, it is also an alignment with the larger mission of PiMS in cultivating virtues of compassion, awareness, generosity, attention, physical and mental strength and flexibility. Immunity is boosted, with improvement in memory, management of psychological pressure, controlling of frustration, emotional wellbeing, aversion to unhealthy practices like alcohol and smoking and lastly, better and more sound sleep.


Chess: Chess competitions are a regular feature in the institute, with clubs among students for developing a healthy sense of competition. The campus has quiet rooms with minimum external noise and disturbance for facilitating one-to-one games among the students. Occasionally, students and faculty also compete to enhance the spirit of cooperation.

Carrom: The much-loved Indian game of all ages also finds a dedicated fan following here at PiMS. A number of well-maintained carrom boards are kept by the institution for students to play and beat the stresses of hectic MBA life.


Table Tennis: PiMS has a single TT table, within the main campus building recreation centre adjoining the gym. The hall is spacious with excellent lighting and ventilation. The facility is exclusively intended only for students of PiMS. All playing equipment are inventoried by the college and could be procured on request.


The expansive 35 acres of land in EMS Aksharagramam provides ample opportunities for outdoor games. Physical fitness is very much valued by the institution, and sports are highly encouraged by the faculty and board across the entire student community. These provide opportunities for bonding between the junior and senior batches, life-long friendships and channelization of energy. The beautiful and expansive grounds at the educational village take a lot of effort to maintain, but provide opportunities to build physical and social strength outside the classroom. Girls have opportunities to play within their gender alone with no interference from the other sex. The curriculum and timetable at PiMS are designed to provide more opportunities for outdoor activities. Over the years, students of PiMS have shone in numerous inter-college competitions at Kasaragod and other districts of the state. A dedicated wing of the faculty regularly organizes practice and sports events to build student proficiency and competence in sporting activities. This is supported by trained staff in first aid and medical care.


Badminton: At PiMS, this is a spectator sport with some fast-paced games from both sexes, in individual and mixed orientations. The college has hosted a court on concrete flooring overlaid with synthetic mats to provide cushioning and comfort to shuttlers. There is also floodlight illumination for late-evening encounters. The court at PiMS follows the standard of the world federation, with a 13.4 X 5.18 metre play area, marked by side lines. The court measures 14.8 metres diagonally.

Cricket:  more than just a sport at PiMS – it is a passion that is akin to a religion. The institute has recognized the importance of the game and has gone above and beyond to facilitate its practice. The cricket setup is state-of-the-art with practice nets that are perfect for fast-paced games and players who want to break records.

The area is marked off as an exclusive zone, away from other potential distractions, and is equipped with high-intensity lights that illuminate the area like daylight. The infrastructure is unparalleled, and the institute boasts a dedicated cricket ground complete with a natural turf pitch that is both pleasant to play on and easy on the eyes. As a result of these exceptional facilities, the institute has become a hub for cricket enthusiasts, with players from all over coming to play at PiMS.


Volley Ball: This sport enjoys club level participation and enthusiasm among the students of both genders. Further, aside from regular club gaming, a specialist coach visits the campus for training students in competition levels events. PiMS is proud of its exclusive women’s volleyball team which is aiming to make its mark in the state sports scene. The institute is also exploring possibilities of regular gender-segregated coaching and qualification/ certification. The club is very active, with weekly nights out facilitated by the extensive lighting facilities provided by the institute, aside from meals, luncheons, feasts and parties of club members. 

Football: The most widely played and followed sport in the world has a maniacal following in Kerala’s Malabar region. Football craze borders on madness in Kasaragod, and the reverberations are felt in the PiMS sports ground. The PiMS campus has a football ground within an expansive space, where an experienced coach trains the boys team with all the required equipment. The institute is discussing plans for planting lush green grass, and mowing them with professional equipment to create a more realistic playground experience. PiMS has over the years played in a number of district level games, with academic institutions as well as local clubs in the region.