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The PiMS, which stands for Premier Institute of Management Studies, has an impressive academic offering for aspiring MBA students. The institution is proud to offer a comprehensive, full-time, two-year MBA course that is designed to cater to the evolving needs of the industry. Students at PiMS have the opportunity to specialize and focus their studies on specific areas of interest, with specializations including but not limited to Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Operations Management.

What’s more, PiMS is affiliated with Kannur University, which is well-known for its quality education and modern approaches to learning. Additionally, the institution has been recognized by the Government of Kerala and approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), a testament to the quality of education and the high standards of PiMS in delivering an MBA program that meets the highest levels of academic rigor and excellence.



Specializing in Finance through an MBA program teaches individuals to use financial data for strategic decisions. The program covers financial systems, modeling, risk management, corporate finance, and portfolio management. Skills acquired through the program benefit careers in asset management, investment banking, and financial analysis.


Consider specializing in marketing for your MBA degree as it can give you a comprehensive understanding of marketing strategies, customer connections, and brand building. An MBA with a marketing specialization can help you create effective campaigns, conduct market research, and analyze consumer behavior, and ultimately help you achieve success in your professional endeavors.


An MBA in HRM prepares graduates to manage people in various roles, including recruitment, training, compensation, and support. They gain skills in leadership, decision making, and problem solving, making them valuable assets to companies. Careers may include human resources manager, recruiter, specialist in training and development, benefits coordinator, or labor relations specialist.


Semester 1(700 Marks)

1. Economics for Managers
2. Accounting for Managers
3. Mathematics and Statistics for Managers
4. Business Law
5. Managerial Communication
6. Principles and Practice of Management
7. Information Technology for Managers

Semester 2 (700 Marks)

8. Financial Management
9. Operation Research for Managers
10. Marketing Management
11. Organizational Behavior
12. Human Resource Management
13. Production and Operations Management
14. Research Methodology for Managers

After the 2nd semester examination, students have to undergo summer placement / organization training / in plant training in reputed organizations for a period of one month

Semester 3 (700 Marks)

15. Indian Business Environment
16. Indian Management Ethos and Practice
17. Management Information System

(Optional four papers are selected by the faculty and the students from stream of specialization offered)

Semester 4 (700 Marks)

22. Strategic Management
23. Project Management
24. Material Management

(Optional four paper are selected by the faculty and the students from stream of specialization offered)

29. Project Report (100 marks)
30. Viva Voce (100 marks)

After the 3rd semester examination the students should start the project work on a live managerial problem involving field study for duration of about 8 weeks. The students are required to submit their project report within 30 days of reporting to the department after their project work.



Today, as children around the world are growing up in a deadly pandemic, we are supporting frontline health workers and providing education and hygiene supplies to help families and communities protect themselves and stay healthy.



  1. Security Analysis & Investment Management
  2. Risk Management & Derivatives
  3. Portfolio Management
  4. Cost System & Control
  5. International Finance
  6. Indian Financial Systems & Services
  7. Strategic Financial Management
  8. Working Capital Management
  9. Money & Capital Marketing
  10. Venture Capital Management



  1. Industrial Marketing
  2. International Marketing
  3. Consumer Behavior
  4. Service Marketing
  5. Advertising Management
  6. Marketing Research
  7. Sales and Distribution Management
  8. Retail Management
  9. Supply Chain Management
  10. Product and Brand Management

HR Management

HR Management

  1. Managerial Performance Appraisal
  2. Recruitment, Selection & Placement
  3. Management Training and Development
  4. Wage Salary Administration
  5. Organization Development
  6. Comparative Management Systems
  7. Labour Laws
  8. Management of Industrial Relations
  9. Human Resource Planning and Development
  10. Managing Self and Others


An Educational cum Industrial Visit of People Institute of Management Studies (PiMS) students to various foreign countries has organized in every academic year for all students. During the last tour students visited Malaysia for Industrial Visit at Proton Car Manufacturing Company at Malaysia. The objective of this visit was to provide exposure to our students at Global level. This would help them to learn the cross cultural management practices, comparative analysis of the business phenomenon in India and other countries, opportunities of better trade relations between the two countries etc. In the Month of March 2014 our 2012-14 batch also visited various places in Malaysia and also visited Nissan Motor Ltd in Kuala Lampur as a part of their International Industry visit

One of the reasons the Computer & Internet is so important in education is because of the wealth of information that the Internet contains. The Computer & Internet has become very useful in the field of education and every new information is available online so you can update yourself any time according to your own needs and time table. So the Management of PiMS decided to give laptop to all students for free of cost and Wifi connectivity in the college in all 24×7 days for the benefits of students

Apart from infrastructure and experienced faculties, training and placement are the very important criteria for evaluation. Like any MBA institute, PiMS have its own Training and Placement Depart-ment. PiMS has giving free placement & personality development training for students. PiMS has giving two kinds of training for their students. 1. Roldant Micro Blocks Desensitisation programme-3 days fully residential personality development programme. The trainers are- Mr Vipin Rodant and Mr Santhosh Deva 2. Participation of students in the Management Fest within and outside the Kerala for free of cost.

Social responsibility is an ethical or theory that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act to benefit society at large. Social responsibility is a duty of every individual or organization has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystem. PiMS also have responsibility towards the society as well. Hence, the students of PiMS conducted Free Eye Checkup Camp for the village people and participated more than 200 people. Students also participated in Hunger Strike against Endosulfan usage at Kasaragod District and usually have the seminars on different social issues like Protection of Endosulfan Victims, mobile phone usage at campuses etc

The ROLDANT MICRO BLOCKS DESENSITIZATION is a therapeutically designed behavioral training for the corporate/academic sector. The focus of this fun-filled high power program is on professional and personal effectiveness through Motivation Enhancement, Emotional Bonding, Confidence Escalation and Competence Development, which in turn result in Individual Productivity and Personal Excellence.

This particular training programme is imparted by Psy. VIPIN V. ROLDANT, Consultant Corporate Psychologist & Performance

Coach and his co-trainers. PiMS organising this 3 day RMBD Residential Training program for their students in every acadamic year

Developing and refining our product takes us through the step-by-step process of developing new product ideas, testing their viability, creating a product development strat-egy, building prototypes, and deciding on marketing issues, such as pricing, packaging, promotion and positioning. PiMS have own product development unit and students are marketing the developed new product. Students are produced Banana Chips, Fried frames etc and made a reasonable profit. Through this process students are practically aware about the process of product development and its marketing

"PIMS exclusive specialties."

Unique MBA Experience at PiMS

PiMS Rural Holistic Learning Environment (RHLE)

PiMS Rural Holistic Learning Environment (RHLE)

PiMS has designed the overall delivery of learning in such a way as to help each student build their proficiencies to the fullest in skills and capabilities. Unlike typical MBA programs, PiMS recognizes that its target group have slightly different learning needs.

Education beyond the Classrooms

Education beyond the Classrooms

Pims goes beyond traditional education. Students explore outside of the classroom, empowering them to become well-rounded individuals. Look no further than Pims for a unique learning experience.

Student Committees and Clubs

Student Committees and Clubs

PIMS encourages student committees and clubs to foster artistic talent alongside classroom learning. These clubs offer opportunities to improve teamwork and leadership skills outside of the classroom.

Campus Celebrations

Campus Celebrations

PiMS celebrates every major occasion in the academic year. Celebrations are a crucial part of bonding make the institutes ties among students and alumni special and unique.