People Institute of Management Studies

PiMS outbound Training Programme (PoTP)

PiMS organizes outbound training in the rural hinterlands of Kasaragod, specifically focusing on adventure activities (Kayaking, trekking, camping, rafting, tent-building, survival-skills, tool-making from scratch, wildlife watching, rainforest trekking, western-ghat climbing, coastal-cycling, first-aid, rope climbing) intended to sharpen management skills (both individual and in groups) such as planning, organizing, decisioning, communication, team building and adaptability. Students are exposes to atypical natural environments where harshness and existential challenges builds discipline and hardening of willpower.

Rural Activity Camp

Rural activity camps focus on various agricultural activities within the district. This is a continuous programme that builds social awareness and sensitization in addition to fostering a greater awareness of one’s natural environment. Activities such as trekking in Ranipuram, seashore clean up and environmental activities at Bekal fort premises, classes at TASHCO centre in Poinachi, agriculture activities relating to farming of cash crops, food crops, grafting and tree-restoration. Project involving rural areas and environment are regularly undertaken with active student involvement to help them acclimatize with a natural environment far removed from typical urban comforts. The objective of such training is to help them cope with deprivation, and adapt and respond accordingly. 

Forest Camping

This is a three-day intensive experience in the western-ghats that help students gain better perspective and understand their own strengths and limitations better. The core aim of this activity is understanding better self-awareness. Based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test, students come to terms with identification of their own personality indicators by introspection and peer evaluation. Conducted in thick forest with limited access to civilization, the activity is mediation intensive and highly stressful. At the end of the event, the students are administered a Personal Effectiveness-Locus of Control (PE-LOCO) test.

Industry Interaction

Close-quarters interactions with senior managers in industrial sectors (both private sector and public sector) provides students with an opportunity to understand the realities of business, and how theoretical learning from textbooks differs from practice. The institute is also closely associated with programmes conducted by National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM), ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME), Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), All India Management Association (AIMA) and Kerala Management Association (KMA).

2-Months Summer Internship (Multi-National Companies)

Students are exposed to an intensive two-months hands-on professional work experience at corporate houses predominantly in Kerala and Karnataka. Here, exposure to business fundamentals are reinforced with intensive faculty monitoring, involvement and periodic follow-throughs.

SHRM Training

PIMS is an aspiring centre for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) India. It aims to become the second such centre in Kerala. SHRM India is a part the largest association of professional HRM, marked by presence in more than 140 countries worldwide (SHRM). PiMS aims to bring in certified HR professionals and experts across industrial sectors and disciplines for global-quality training to prepare them for Work Force Readiness (WFR), Professional in Human Resource (PHR) and Business Professional in HR (HRBP) certifications.

Language Lab Training

At PiMS, students also are given the opportunity to master the Engligh Vernacular for professional fluency and proficiency in grammar and vocabulary. English accent neutralization training with focus on American Accent is offered regularly by a trained and certified professional instructor on a regular schedule.