People Institute of Management Studies


Inspiring Education in a beckoning setting

Peoples Institute of Management Studies is set up with the objective of spreading education and knowledge by offering post graduation study in Business administration. Our endeavour shall be To improve the management caliber of common people through short term courses. we put to the intention to promote the living condition and social responsibilities of people. It ties up the firm belief of parents.

General and Technical Education Scenario in the State:-Kerala is a state with 100% literacy . It is essential for the students to achieve higher qualifications to be able to compete with the best in the industry. However the backward district of Kasaragod lags behind in offering good quality courses for graduate students.

The Industrial sector especially the IT industry has recorded tremendous growth in India in recent years. It has lead to the growth of industries in Kerala also. There are many multinational industrial enterprises in the State. The industrial climate is poised for a giantleap.

Scope – With the growth in industrial sector, the demand for professionals has increased many folds. There are many financial and industrial connecting firms also in the State which offer job opportunities to masters of Business Administration. No other institute, in Kasaragod District offers specialized education in Management sector at post graduation level. The except PIMS institute is situated in rural area of Munnad, there by providing higher education facilities to the rural people. Geographical spreading of educational opportunities is a welcome trend as it prevents unhealthy migration of rural population to cities which in turn results in many socio economic problems.

The total number of graduates pass out from the District are about 3000. As of now there are no colleges offering MBA Courses in Kasaragod District.

Computer Lab

The lab is fully equipped and computerized with state of the art hardware as well as software and has 24 hours dedicated internet connection that enhance the students with greater exploration into management and other aspects through out the world.



The People Institute of Management Studies Library System (PIMSLS) is the Major resource centre of the campus which consolidates the information and knowledge systems to offer the best and relevant context to its user community. PIMS Library is fully automated with a rich collection of books mostly related to Management and allied subjects. The Library holds a wealthy compilation of printed as well as electronic resources which include books, journals, databases, audio-visual materials, CDs/DVDs, e-journals, Project Reports, Case studies, Conference proceedings, Training manuals, etc.


Seminar Hall

The Seminar Hall is the ideal venue for seminars by corporate, nonprofit, government organizations, and professional associates members to talk and deliver lectures to the students and to provide them a better and closer insight into the working of their different fields. These conferences and lectures not only provide the student with a first hand information about the working of various fields but also gives them an opportunity to get their doubts cleared by asking our guests.


Digital Library

The content of PIMS Digital Library makes learning convenient as the students spend more time in actually accessing the information rather than searching for the relevance. The PIMS Digital Library help the students learn what is important even as they track the significant developments with time

Contact Us

Mr.Girish A Nair, MLISc, PGDHL, Librarian
Tel: 04994 207 400, Mobile 9744359396



Communication Lab

The use of a communication laboratory to support higher education is on theirs. While aiding communication education for majors and non-majors, a “commlab” also promotes campus


Yoga and Meditation

Yoga means to “unite” or “join” the aspects of ourselves which were never really divided in the first place. It also means to “yoke” or to engage ourselves in a self-training program. Yoga means working with each of the levels or aspects of our being individually, and then unifying all of those into their original whole, or yoga. Yoga is a Sanskrit word coming from the root “yuj” and relates to both the processes or practice referred to as yoga and also the goal itself, which is also called Yoga. As the goal, the word Yoga is virtually one and the same with the word Samadi, the deep, transcendent realization of the highest truth or reality.



We have a well set up for staff and students, Canteen with hygienic food is available on the campus. Here students refresh and sharpen their thoughts and creativity with a cup of tea. Our gym is specialized to meet the requirements of men and women who want to be in the best of health and who take pride in their appearance. Here , you will find world-class and the latest fitness equipment. The cardio-vascular equipment or the strength equipment that you are use are likely to be similar to what athletes and sportspersons the world over use.