People Institute of Management Studies

PiMS is committed to upholding the traditions and values of celebrating every significant occasion in the academic year. These celebrations serve as a cornerstone in cultivating a welcoming community defined by a strong bond between students, faculty, and alumni. Through these events, PiMS creates an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie that uplifts everyone involved. The institute recognizes that these gatherings provide more than just a break from the everyday routine. They create cherished memories for everyone and leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of those who take part in them. The PiMS community is proud of its unique and special identity, and the celebratory events are an essential part of this identity. The institute looks forward to continuing this tradition and creating many more meaningful experiences for its community in the years to come.


The harvest festival of Kerala is an occasion of joyous festivities for the whole of EMS Aksharagramam. The campus has hues and splashes of vibrant colours with ethnic Kerala dressing being adorned by girls and boys. The spirit of Onam is kept alive through pookalams, competitions like ‘vadam-vali’ and a grand sadhya. The special events of the day are known throughout the region and has also invoked media interest: athapoov competition, malyala manga, maran competition, uri adi, and vadam vali. Lord Mahabali’s dress-up and campus patronage is very popular. The Onam feast is arranged for the teaching, non-teaching faculty members and students.


Ramadhan is a holy month in Islam. A grand Iftar party for the Muslim Community in college is hosted by the students. The institute is proud of the number of Muslim students on its rolls, and the active part they play in the growth trajectory of the institute. Since PiMS is the onl y self-financing B-school in Kasaragod, it has a special resonance with the Muslim community that is concentrated in the northern reaches of the district.


The Deepavali celebrations Hall is lit up with traditional oil lamps, dances and ends with an excellent North Indian dinner. A spectacular fireworks show and floating lamps programme is a crucial part of the celebrations.

Farewell Party

This special annual event reminisces the wonderful days, the cherished campus memories and the bitter-sweet feeling of parting as the senior batch arrives at the crossroads of their life- preparation for a career in professional life. Hosted by the juniors, the evening travels late into the night with dances, skits and games. The occasion is also special for its traditional dresses. The batches say their farewells with group photos and selfies.


Students host parents with the patronage of the institute management on this special day. While other institutes call it a PTA meeting, the feeling in PiMS is different. The institute organizes cultural events for parents, showing the splendorous list of activities their wards go through in campus. It is an occasion for the students to display their individual talents. 

Special Events

The institute also organizes special Thanksgiving Day to commemorate the patron EMS Namboothiripad on his birth and death anniversaries. It is also known as the Founder’s Day at campus. The entire campus venerates the leader of Kerala, raising him on the alter for gubernatorial greatness on this special occasion. In the past, thousands of people from the region from all walks of life have paid patronage to the campus on these sacred occasions.