People Institute of Management Studies

A Pioneer in Cooperative Education

The Kasaragod Co-operative Educational Society (KCES) C-904, is a pioneer in the cooperative educational sphere in Kasaragod district. Led by Adv. P. Raghavan for most of the years since its founding in 1984, the society has nurtured a tradition of encouraging educational upliftment for the downtrodden in society. Every one of its educational ventures are targeted at the poorest of the poor in society. The society had, from its days under the leadership of P. Raghavan, placed social justice and poverty alleviation through education as its primary goals. Over the years, it has established a number of educational institutions in Kasaragod District. These are:

  1. Peoples Co-operative Arts and Science College (PCASC)
  2. Vivekananda Co-operative College
  3. Deekshana Academy

PCASC is already a well-known institute in the district due to the sizeable admissions each year for its numerous bachelors and masters’ programs. Vivekananda Co-operative College and Deekshana Academy offer distance education programs. PiMS is the most ambitious project under the society, as it nurtures not only academic ambitions but also research goals as an integral part of its future outlook. The institute aims to become a Research Centre under Kannur university, in creating an hospitable environment for Ph.D scholars and doctoral students to utilize the considerable resources at their disposal for interdisciplinary and collaborative research.

KCES is registered under the Kerala state co-operative act of 1964. The governing body is comprised of erudite, visionary and enthusiastic members to manage and govern the various institutions under the society. The society continues with its noble goals of ensuring justice and equality for all students and to provide a favorable platform to mold their personality and a build a prosperous career. The board members are united in their proactive approach in bringing about changes in the curriculum to align the studies to meet industry needs.


  1. People Institute of Management Studies
  2. Peoples Co-Operative Arts & Science College
  3. Vivekananda Co-Operative College
  4. Deekshana Academy
  5. Badiadka Co-operative Arts and Science College

Registered Address

The Kasaragod Cooperative
Educational Society Ltd (KCES Ltd)

Reg No C-904EMS AksharagramamMunnad ( post), Chengala (via) Kasaragod 
Kerala ‚Äď 671541 .