People Institute of Management Studies

The post-COVID era is a period fraught with difficulties. Coupled with the global economic slowdown and rising unemployment in India, the challenge for fresh graduates has never been higher. Each year, more than 5000 MBA graduates pass out from Kerala’s various B-schools looking for suitable openings in the job-market. Media reports show that there are lakhs of unemployed professionally educated persons in the state as it is. It therefore becomes imperative for graduating students to outshine their competition in the tough selection processes of MNCs and large business houses. Students from rural backgrounds and those not comfortable with English are at a natural disadvantage, leading to lost opportunities.

Over the last decade, PiMS has successfully placed scores of its graduates in some of the leading businesses in the state and the country, by imparting skilling programmes throughout the academic tenure to build their confidence and communicative abilities. The language lab of the institute is but a small part of this enterprise. Continuous up-skilling and cross-skilling is required to compete in a tightly contested environment, and PiMS has leveraged expertise from the best in the market to holistically develop its students. The LEAD X Programme is a step in this direction, providing intermittent skilling and interactions outside the campus while keeping students fully engaged within. Industry visits also help students get acclimatized with life in a professional environment. PiMS is also continuously incorporating curricular updates to ensure that it can help students internalize learning in the classroom while building knowledge, comprehensive ability (in English), application of mind to theoretical concepts in practical instances, analysis and abstraction, synthesis of complex problems and evaluation of difficulties.