People Institute of Management Studies

PiMS has designed the overall delivery of learning in such a way as to help each student build their proficiencies to the fullest in skills and capabilities. Unlike typical urban MBA programs, PiMS recognizes that its target group have slightly different learning needs. The Rural Holistic Learning Environment (RHLE) is an andragogical design outcome of PiMS crafted in consultation with various academic experts and skilling specialists to curate a perfect blend of academics and co-curricular activities that will sharpen the student’s managerial skills in tough situations. Principally, the program is pivoted on 4 major delivery components.

Strengthening core subject concepts

PiMS has formulated a classroom delivery mechanism comprised of case discussions, audio-visual enabled lectures and seminars. The classrooms themselves are smart technology enabled. Knowledge of students are strengthened both in theoretical concepts and its application to management frameworks and scenarios. The institute also follows a daily business debriefing session to keep students up-to-date and informed about business developments both in India and across the globe.

Creating rich learning experiences 

This component focuses on engaging experientially to create rich sensory learning outcomes. Students would become immersed in business aspects of management through a host of curated activities as part of their learning curriculum. Activities in rural location for sensitization, outdoor trekking and camping, agricultural plantation and field visits, hill station and high-range trips, foreign industrial trip to automobile factories in Malaysia, industrial visits in the Mangalore and Cochin regions of large PSUs and student onboarding program at Lead College of Management in Dhoni, Palakkad for a 1-week intensive training are all part of these activity list.

Focused skill development and training

Skill development and enrichment is at the core of all instructional efforts at PIMS. The aim is to build winning abilities in students, develop their personality and presentation skills, and also prepare them for the stresses of professional management. All the training programs are designed with the aim of honing and nurturing each student for a successful professional career within their selected domain. Special attention is given to grooming, professional presentation aligned with the western world, communication skills, articulation and fluency, interpersonal skill development and analytical/critical-thinking skills supported by coherent logical reasoning.

Continuous Industry Interaction

Industry interaction is a focal point of the PiMS learning environment to prepare students for employment in core industrial sectors. The institute regularly organizes interactions and tête-à-têtes with top CEOs and professionals from industry. Summer internship, industry visits and industry interactions are a regular monthly feature at the institute, where numerous prominent personalities from the state and beyond have transacted with the students and alumni. These interactions provide opportunities for understanding problems and challenges of the professional work environment in real-time.