People Institute of Management Studies

*41-Day Challenge*

For an MBA student, English proficiency is crucial. To enhance vocabulary and accent, we initiated a program named the 41-Day Challenge. Our journey commenced on November 21, 2023, inaugurated by Dr. Thomas George. We conducted online sessions daily at 8 PM without fail. Our rule stipulated that all participants must join the session on time, […]

Memorable Iftar Party 2024

People Institute of Management Studies recently hosted a memorable Iftar party, symbolizing our dedication to promoting religious harmony and unity among our diverse student body. The event, held during the auspicious Lent period, served as a testament to our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.The atmosphere was filled with […]

Empowering MBA Students: Executive Dialogue with Kasaragod District Industries Center GM MR.Sajith Kumar K*

We are thrilled to share the enriching experience our MBA students had during the Executive Dialogue program, featuring esteemed guest speaker Sajith Kumar K, General Manager of Kasaragod District Industries Center. This event provided a unique opportunity for students to engage with a government-level official and gain valuable insights into entrepreneurship. Mr. Sajith Kumar shared […]