People Institute of Management Studies

Empowering MBA Students: Executive Dialogue with Kasaragod District Industries Center GM MR.Sajith Kumar K*

We are thrilled to share the enriching experience our MBA students had during the Executive Dialogue program, featuring esteemed guest speaker Sajith Kumar K, General Manager of Kasaragod District Industries Center. This event provided a unique opportunity for students to engage with a government-level official and gain valuable insights into entrepreneurship.

Mr. Sajith Kumar shared invaluable advice on initiating and cultivating successful businesses. His expertise shed light on the intricacies of starting a venture and strategies to ensure its prosperity. His address proved to be a guiding beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs among our students.

During the program, the significance of establishing an Entrepreneurship Development (ED) club within the college was emphasized. Mr. Kumar highlighted the role such clubs play in fostering innovation, collaboration, and a conducive environment for budding entrepreneurs to thrive. The need for platforms that nurture entrepreneurial spirit was underscored as essential for the holistic development of students.

Presiding over this insightful session was our esteemed Principal, Dr. N Karunakaran. His presence added a touch of authority and encouragement, reinforcing the importance of such initiatives in shaping the future of our students.

As we continue to foster an environment that encourages innovation and business acumen, events like the Executive Dialogue serve as catalysts for our students’ growth. The wisdom shared by Mr. Sajith Kumar K and the advocacy for an Entrepreneurship Development club reflect our commitment to providing a holistic and empowering education experience for our students. Stay tuned for more empowering events and initiatives that shape the leaders of tomorrow.