People Institute of Management Studies

*41-Day Challenge*

For an MBA student, English proficiency is crucial. To enhance vocabulary and accent, we initiated a program named the 41-Day Challenge. Our journey commenced on November 21, 2023, inaugurated by Dr. Thomas George. We conducted online sessions daily at 8 PM without fail. Our rule stipulated that all participants must join the session on time, or they would be disqualified from the challenge. Each day, specific tasks were assigned to students to improve their English language and confidence level. Initially, 43 students participated in the challenge. By December 31, 2023, we successfully completed the 41-Day Challenge. Feedback revealed a remarkable improvement in English proficiency and confidence among the participants, fulfilling the challenge’s objective. To recognize outstanding performance, we organized a quiz competition on March 21, 2024, followed by a stress interview on March 26, 2024. Fathimath Safwana secured the first place, followed by Alfa K John in second place, and Hani Ahammed in third place.