MBA ….. Shaping Up Your Future

In the current competitive job scenario, choosing a promising
degree program is vital to ensure a promising career. The aim of all the
students at the time of completion of course is to get employment in
one of the best companies in the job market. Recruiting companies expect
their employees to be skilled in all the different aspects of company
affairs, one of the important requirements being managerial skills. Therefore, the candidates with an MBA degree are preferred for various job roles in different industries.
Those who choose to pursue an MBA degree can be sure of certain things. These include:

The compensation package for MBA graduates is attractive. Wider career
opportunities in different fields of work such as banking, consulting,
and general management offer high salaries.
graduates can enjoy better career options. Some of them include
Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resource, International Business,
and IT. There are several popular job roles available for MBA graduates
such as Business Manager, Human Resource Specialist, Accounts Executive,
and Public Relations Specialists.

During the MBA course, internship, or job, an MBA graduate gets immense
opportunity to interact and communicate with business professionals. The
typical managerial job role involves business meetings, business
travels, and communication, which offer an opportunity to strengthen
your network.
Management has become a vital
part of any organization- big or small. Hence, top recruiting companies
demand professionals with excellent managerial and leadership skills. An
MBA degree thus becomes a ticket to a promising career.


Case studies, business presentations, and other curriculum involved in
an MBA program develops critical and analytical thinking in MBA
graduates. These skills help the professionals in managing business
issues and decision making by understanding the critical side of all the
MBA graduates enjoy lucrative
job placements across the world. National and multinational companies
always look for fresh and experienced MBAs with excellent academic


As per university norms MBA students have to
undergo 10 weeks internship during their entire course period. PIMS has
designed an unique internship policy in order to transform the raw
academic knowledge to real-time industry skill. Internship plays
important role in shaping their employability skill.

Joining a company as an intern gives you the opportunity to work hands
on in a professional environment.. Internships help by teaching you
more about the #career
path you are pursuing. Think of it like this – internships are a way to
test drive possible jobs and explore different career options PIMS
provides 24weeks exclusive internship in well distinguished firms.
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Top Teaching Learning methods at People Institute of Management Studies which makes it the best MBA institute in Kerala.

6 Teaching Learning methods at People Institute of Management Studies

up-to-date knowledge - include: lectures, up-to-date textbooks,
handouts, guest lectures from industry and institute, exercises, library
resources, use of internet, open learning.
methods that help in developing the capability to use ideas and
information are: case studies, practical, projects, demonstrations,
group work, simulations, debate and discussions.
the student?s ability to test ideas and evidence can be achieved by
seminars and tutorials, presentations, literature reviewing, exam
papers, critical assessment.
projects, workshops, group working, brainstorming, mind-mapping,
problem solving helps in developing the student?s ability to generate
ideas and evidence,
the personal development of students role plays, experiential learning,
structured experiences in groups, feedback and learning logs can be
#Projects, mentors, reflective logs and diaries, dissertations help in developing the capacity of students to manage own learning.